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American Beach Crossroads - The Planning Conversation Begins on March 23, 2024

The Community Planning Collaborative is assisting Nassau County with planning in the American Beach neighborhood and has been engaged in conversations with the community. As Commissioner Martin commented about the Evans' Rendezvous project in the February 12th, 2024 meeting, "We don't want anything in that space that the residents of American Beach don't want."

The next community meeting is intended to be the first of several meetings to discuss the Gregg and Lewis Street Crossroads area. Follow-up meetings are scheduled in April and May.

This first meeting will take place on Saturday, March 23, 2024 at 10am at the American Beach Community Center and will discuss:

  • History of theCrossroads area

  • Planning efforts to date

  • Update on Evans' Rendezvous conversations

  • Explanation of land use/zoning in the area

  • Interactive discussion about visioning of the Crossroads area

You are encouraged to attend the meetings and to send comments or questions to Community Planning Collaborative at or to Elizabeth Backe, Nassau County Planning Director at


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