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Responses to Questions about Water & Sewer Project

ABPOA reached out to Nassau County with several questions which were raised at the April ABPOA meeting. Amy Bell, Nassau County Senior Management Analyst provided the following responses:

  1. Will Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MBWE) considerations be a part of the contractors forwarded to St. John's for the REDI Grant abandonment and connection work?

    1. The selection of septic abandonment/sewer connection contractors are being handled by the County's contractor, US Water.  MBWE contractors with competitive bids are/will be considered by US Water.

  2. Will the REDI Grant allocation include funds for repair of property damaged during the work? For example, if concrete or pavers are damaged.

    1. The hope is that funds will be available for remediation of damaged property during work (pavers, gardens, etc.), however, bid pricing and availability of funds may not be able to accommodate remediation under grant funding.

  3. We know that the REDI Grant funds were not applicable to new builds, but are the funds applicable to those who are remodeling?

    1. This should fall under the "stub-out" category for vacant properties if current owners are remodeling/rebuilding as long as the home is vacant.  To qualify for REDI grant funding, the existing septic system will have to be abandoned in addition to a sewer "stub-out" to the property.  Residents would not be able to be living in the home with a septic abandonment and no full sewer connection.

  4. Will the lift stations be equipped with generators in the event of power failure? In the alternative, are there other provisions being made to continue lift station functions during power failures?

    1. Nassau Amelia Utilities operate with standard protocols in the event of power failure.  From my understanding, the American Beach system has capacity to operate for 2-4 days without any power, however, in the event of a prolonged power outage, NAU would bring portable generators to power lift stations within their service area to assist with flow. 


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