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Summary of American Beach Town Hall July 20, 2023

On Thursday July 20, 2023 the American Beach Property Owners’ Association, Inc. hosted a neighborhood Town Hall Meeting for all property owners to discuss various topics and get updates on the Water and Sewer Project.

The agenda (see below) included discussions on traffic issues, incidents of vandalism and trespassing, relocating the Lewis Street beach driving access to Burney Park, and increased public safety measures in our popular beach destination.

Commissioner Huppmann and Holly Coyle, Interim Planning Director were present to give updates and answer questions concerning Nassau County plans that will impact our neighborhood.

Two days prior to the meeting, ABPOA member Dr Carolyn Jones alerted us to a scheduled August 1st Planning and Zoning Board meeting to discuss a staff recommendation to amend Ordinance LDC23-004 that would have negative impacts at American Beach. We contacted Holly Coyle and Commissioner Huppmann to share our concerns. The Planning Department responded to those concerns and removed the portion of the amendment that would have changed RG-1AB zoning in our neighborhood.

The meeting was an opportunity for property owners to come together and discuss various matters of concern and possible solutions for improvements. The feedback from attendees was very positive agreeing that the meeting was productive and timely.

Following up on the discussion of recent ownership scam being attempted on American Beach.

There is a fraud alert registry for Nassau County that will send an alert when any change is attempted with your property. You can have the notification sent to your email or mobile phone. The link is:

We thank Mr Eldridge Groomes for this information.

Meeting agenda:

If you know of any property owner who did not receive an invitation, we encourage you to remind them to get in touch with us and to join the Property Owners Association.


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