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REDI Grant - Update, June 2024

The journey continues …

The Board of County Commissioners

has approved the U.S. Water Service Corporation request for additional funding in the amount of $1,137,458.67, and an additional 180 days to perform sewer connection hook-ups on 101 private homes to the new gravity sewer system and eliminate existing septic tanks in the American Beach Septic Phase Out area.

The additional 180 days places the completion date in November.

  1. REDI Grant amounts are now $10,362.09 for lots with structures and $7,348.37 for lots without structures. The County will negotiate directly with the homeowner for reimbursement for overruns beyond these amounts.

  2. Work at the individual properties shall commence upon approval from the County.

  3. Once work has commenced, if unknown conditions are discovered, USWSC is permitted to continue work if the additional work is below 10% of the $10,362.09 and $7,348.37 for lots with and without structures respectively.

  4. If the additional work exceeds 10% of the per property allocation, USWSC and its plumbing subcontractor will contact the County for further direction to proceed. Until such direction is provided, the subcontractor may demobilize from that property until the County provides direction.

Click here for the the June 10, 2024 BOCC Agenda Item and attached Request and Approval forms.

We the Board look forward to celebrating the end of this journey with our American Beach community‼️


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