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Nassau County's "Memories in the Making" Project Open House May 18 from 5 - 7pm

Working in Partnership?????

Nassau County in collaboration with EDSA (a planning and urban design firm) and the JLL Travel and Tourism practice, is undertaking two projects as described on a dedicated website

These "experts" want to "ensure that the community voices are part of the planning process" and invite community members to participate in two surveys.

1) Beach Park Harmonization

Part of the Beach Partnership, the Beach Park Harmonization project seeks to harmonize and enhance the visitor experience at Amelia Island's 7 main beach parks.

2) Tourism and Destination Development

The Nassau Next initiative will create a comprehensive tourism and destination strategic plan for the future of Nassau County.

The Open House on May 18 will attempt to understand what the community and visitors do and do not want to see in the beach parks. "The design starts with the community, not the consultant team."

There will be no formal presentation.

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