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Have a Voice, Part 2 Provide Digital Feedback on the Beach Park Harmonization Plan by June 30

This site shows each of the inventory and analysis slides for all beach parks within the study, along with several slides of character imagery to provide ideas of potential uses at the parks. This input is intended to guide the design recommendations for the next phase of the Beach Harmonization Project.

You are asked to:

  • Leave virtual sticky notes with your comments, concerns, or suggestions.

  • Add yellow stars if you are interested in what is being presented.

  • Add red circles if you you do not like what you see.

Proposal for Burney Beach Park . . .

There is also an opportunity to provide feedback on images which represent ideas that cover:

  1. Specialty Uses

  2. Accessibility

  3. Educational Opportunities

  4. Passive and Active Activities

  5. Parking

  6. Alternative Transportation

  7. Shade and Structures

  8. Landscape Forms

For example:

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