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Find out what's going on - Nassau County American Beach Community Meeting August 6, 2022 - Update

(Updated to include the released Nassau County Planning Department invitation)

Nassau County has announced a Community Meeting to be held at Burney Park on August 6, 2022 beginning at 9am.

The meeting will bring together presentations and project updates of great interest to ABPOA members.

  1. Presentation of the final draft of the American Beach Cultural Heritage Experience Enhancement Initiative by Ennis Davis and Carlos Perez before it goes to a vote before the BOCC.

  2. Structural assessment of Evans' Rendezvous. (Tim Penich, Historical Architect gave a presentation on this topic to ABPOA members at the Annual Meeting in April.)

  3. Project update on the American Beach Water & Sewer Project, including expected dates, information on traffic patterns and signage in the community from Teresa Butler, Capital Project Manager with Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA).

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