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County Tree Ordinance Passes Unanimously!


The Revised Amelia Island Tree Protection and Replacement ordinance was passed by the County Commission 5-0. Thanks to everyone who emailed the county commissioners urging passage. You made a difference!!! While the proposed revision is not perfect, it is a vast improvement and Amelia Tree Conservancy supports its adoption. A few highlights of the update:

  • Extends tree protection, which currently only applies to nonresidential, multi-family, and residential subdivisions, to include single-family development, including those lots previously grandfathered;

  • Allows flexibility and mitigation while in the end retaining or planting 100% of initial protected tree dbh (diameter at breast height);

  • Creates the Nassau County-Amelia Island Tree Commission;

  • Creates the Amelia Island Tree Fund;

  • Creates the Amelia Island Tree Planting Program;

  • Defines a Specimen Tree;

  • Sets Minimum Tree Preservation and Replacement Standards


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