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American Beach Water & Sewer Project Update as of June 8, 2023

Current status of the project:

Construction Activities Last 30 days

• Completed installation of all 22 manholes in Phase I

• Completed installation of Phase I 8”sewer main

• Installed 1st watermain loop

• Completed sewer laterals, 2 outstanding

Construction Activities Next 30 days

• Pressure test, flush and connect 1st water section

• Cast inverts for Phase I

• CCTV inspection of Phase I sewer main

• Clear at LS#1

• Phase I subbase in July

• Commence force main installation

Current Construction Schedule

• ~3 1⁄2 months behind schedule

• Projected completion date April-May ‘24 versus Jan ‘24


• Unknown utilities

• Gopher tortoises

• Supply Chain delays

Schedule Recovery

• 2 crews/3rd crew mobilize next week

• Increased production

• SRF amended to align with construction duration

Phase 1 Sewer Outstanding Work Activities

• Complete lateral installations @5577 Gregg & 95570 Burney

• Set lift station LS#2 (to be coordinated with setting of LS#1)

• Install pumps, piping, electrical

• Construction sewer transmission forcemain

• Test & inspection system

• Pressure test sewer main and forcemain

• CCTV inspection of mains

• Hydraulic test of lift station

Phase 1 Water Outstanding Work Activities

• Various sections to be placed into service

• Complete installation of water mains

• Complete installation water laterals to edge of ROW

• Continue installation fire hydrants

• Test & inspection system

• Pressure test water main

• Disinfect & BACT test water distribution system

REDI Grant Next Steps

• Grant application submitted Jan 29th

• Grant selections approved April 11th

• Negotiate statement of work June 1st

• County approve grant agreement TBD

• Release bid for plumber’s scope July

• Execute plumber ’s contract Oct

• Execute agreement with SJRWMD Oct

• Obtain Property Access Agreements

for Permitted & Expected Septic tanks* July-August ‘25

• Commence tank abandonments TBD

• Complete work within 2 years September ‘25

**REDI Grant Work Access Agreements provide temporary legal access to private property as needed to:

• Decommission existing septic tank and drainfield in place

• Construct new sewer service lateral

• Connect new lateral to new sewer collection system located at edge of ROW

Click on the image below for the full presentation with maps etc.

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