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American Beach Water & Sewer Project Update as of July 13, 2023

Current status of the project:

Construction Activities Last 30 days

• Cast inverts for Phase 1 manholes

• Installed water main and services along Gregg (8"), Julia (6") and Waldron (4")

• Completed Phase 1 sewer laterals

• Commenced video inspection of Phase 1 8-inch sewer mains

• Commenced stabilizing Phase 1 roads

• Installed 7 fire hydrants

Construction Activities Next 30 days

• Pressure test and connect 1st water section

• Complete CCTV inspection of Phase 1 sewer main

• Clear at Lift Station #1 (intersection of Mary & Lewis)

• Phase I roadway subbase in July

• Begin Phase 2 week of July 22

• Commence force main installation

Current Construction Schedule

• 3 months behind schedule (some recovery during June/July)

• Projected completion date April-May ‘24 versus Jan ‘24

• Delays

• Unknown utilities

• Gopher tortoises

• Supply Chain delays

Schedule Recovery

• 3rd crew mobilized in June

• Increased production

Phase 1 Sewer Outstanding Work Activities

• Set lift station LS#2 (to be coordinated with setting of LS#1)

• Install pumps, piping, electrical

• Construction sewer transmission forcemain

• Test & inspection system

• Pressure test sewer main and forcemain

• CCTV inspection of mains

• Hydraulic test of lift station

Phase 1 Water Outstanding Work Activities

• Various sections to be placed into service

• Complete installation of water mains

• Complete installation water laterals to edge of ROW

• Continue installation fire hydrants

• Test & inspection system

• Pressure test water main

• Disinfect & BACT test water distribution system

Fire Hydrant Notifications

  1. Waterman testing and disinfected

  2. FDEP clearance to place waterman into service

  3. Nassau Amelia Utilities (NAU) fire flow test hydrants

  4. NAU notify Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA)

  5. Coordinate with County to notify property owners' association (may change insurance rates)

REDI Grant Next Steps

• Grant application submitted Jan 29th

• Grant selections approved April 11th

• Negotiate statement of work June 1st

• County approve grant agreement TBD

• Release bid for plumber’s scope July

• Execute plumber ’s contract Oct

• Execute agreement with SJRWMD Oct

• Obtain Property Access Agreements

for Permitted & Expected Septic tanks* July-August ‘25

• Commence tank abandonments TBD (need plumbers' contract and lift stations on line)

• Complete work within 2 years September ‘25

**REDI Grant Work Access Agreements provide temporary legal access to private property as needed to:

• Decommission existing septic tank and drainfield in place

• Construct new sewer service lateral

• Connect new lateral to new sewer collection system located at edge of ROW

Project Costs & Responsibilities

Sewer Mainline County State & County funded

Sewer Lateral Property Owner REDI grant may be available

Sewer Capacity Charge Property Owner ~$1,548

Septic Abandonment Permit Property Owner ~$150 (likely to be waived)

Septic Abandonment Property Owner REDI grant may be available

  1. Costs are estimated per property. Actual cost will be determined by the service provider and the unique situations for each property

  2. Sewer lateral installation and septic abandonment is estimated at $6,000 +/- per property. An access agreement will be required before any work can occur.

Click on the image below for the American Beach Water & Sewer Advisory Board meeting and for the full presentation with maps etc.

Questions that arose during the presentation:

  • Amy Bell in the County Manager's office is the designated project liaison and is in daily contact with the project manager. Questions about the project should be directed to her. (904) 530-6010 or

  • Water laterals (the blue pipes) will remain above ground until the last minute to protect the valves and the meter box as long as possible.

  • Access agreements should be mailed fairly soon.

  • Water & sewer lines would not interfere with any potential undergrounding of electric utility cables which will be in the right of way

  • A 48" Laurel Oak (south side of Mary & Lewis intersection) at Lift Station #1 may have to be removed. The County Arborist will be assessing the situation. If it is removed, it may be possible later on to plant others to replace.

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