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American Beach Cultural Heritage Experience Master Plan, published May 2022

The following are a few excerpts from the plan. . .

The plan is intended to serve as a guide for the incremental implementation of resilient improvements to public beaches, trails, parks, natural areas, infrastructure, and other public spaces that enhance the American Beach Cultural Heritage Experience.

The final vision plan incorporates the priorities and preferences of American Beach residents, community members, stakeholders, as well as other on-going projects and planning efforts impacting American Beach.

The following needs and priorities were identified for American Beach in numerical order: 1. Pave streets and install sidewalks 2. Bury utility lines 3. Installation of public water and sewer and the continued sourcing of grants to minimize property owner’s cost for water & sewer installation and connections 4. Improve Evans Rendezvous 5. Support A.L. Lewis Museum and promote American Beach history 6. Create a sense of place

A common concern expressed by many community members throughout the process was to not turn the neighborhood into a tourist destination.

Recommendations in this final vision plan:

Installation of Public Water and Sanitary Sewer

Paving or Resurfacing of Roadways

Underground Utilities

Street Lighting in all streets except Price and Mary

Develop Evans Rendezvous (American Beach Historic Park) in consultation with the community

Support the A.L. Lewis Museum

Promote History using Historic Markers and rezoning acres to commercial

Activate Burney Park

Improve Burney Road

Install Public Art

The final vision plan can be found here.


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